5 July 2021, 11.00-14.00 EDT:

11.00-11.05 Welcome and introduction to the workshop – aims and structure (Kerstin Leder Mackley)

11.05-11.35 Setting the scene: three 10-min provocations.

Carey Jewitt: A Manifesto of Digital Social Touch in Crisis: The Need for ‘Touchy Tools’.

Karon MacLean: The Design Space of Design Tools for Creating and Sharing Touch Experiences.

David Birnbaum: Creating Game Experiences with Multichannel Haptics

11.35-11.45 Q&A

11.45-11.55 Coffee break (10 min)

11.55-12.25 Touch Tools: three 10-min introductions

Hasti Seifi: Browsing Haptic Content: Tools and Challenges

Bruna Petreca: The sCrIPT Toolkit: Support for Embodied Explorations in Designing with (Digital) Textiles

Kerstin Leder Mackley: The Designing Digital Touch (DDT) Toolkit: Social-Sensorial Prompts

12.25-12.35 Q&A

12.35-12.45 Coffee break (10 min)

12.45-13.30 Toolkit activity sessions in 15-min blocks (45 min)

With some structured hands-on activities and guidance, participants will be able to engage with Haptipedia/VibViz, sCrIPT and DDT to collectively explore touch meanings and contexts, enabling different ways of thinking about touch, bodies, and social interactions.

13.30-13.55 Return to the main virtual room – plenary (25 min)

Large-group discussion to present back ideas, challenges, and participants’ thinking about designing for the sociality of touch in relation to their own concepts/prototypes. How can social and sensorial ‘touch tools’ help to innovate, advance and refine digital touch tech? Consolidate into a future agenda for the development and (open source) dissemination of touch tools.

13.55-14.00 Concluding comments and closing

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